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Case Study: Client Comfortable Discussing Ashley and Martin’s Treatment

Murray* had had enough of hiding his hair loss under a hat. It had been almost three years of consistent loss that had led to Murray’s current situation; noticeable thinning existed from his frontal hair line to the vertex. Searching for solutions to hair loss for men with hair loss like his online, Murray came […]

Case Study: Progress Photos Show Client Great Progress that Has Been Made at Ashley and Martin Review

Astor* was beginning to get concerned about his hair loss. The recession in his temporal region was getting too deep to ignore and he knew his hair was thinning on top also. His girlfriend, a hairdresser, told him about Ashley and Martin and encouraged him to call. Astor’s Norwood level III hair loss was diagnosed […]

Case Study: Small Commitment Produces Big Results For Ashley and Martin Client

Shane* was a fit and healthy twenty-two year old man. Although his hair line receded slightly a couple of years ago, it was only in the last six months that he had noticed the hair thinning all over the top of his head. This hair loss so early in his life had rocked his confidence. […]

Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Understands why Over the Counter Remedies Did Not Work

Five months into Oscar’s* treatment program, he was astounded at the phenomenal results he was seeing. The 25 year old lover of travel had come to Ashley and Martin with a Norwood III loss characterised by a generalised thinning throughout the vortex, slight recession in the temporal region and a diffuse frontal hair line. This […]

Case Study: Results Achieved at Ashley and Martin Stop Friendly Teasing for Client

Gerry* and his mates all took the mickey out of each other on a regular basis.  One thing they were constantly ribbing on him about was his hair loss.  This good natured teasing kept his thinning hair at the forefront of his mind.  He had been seeing his GP to try and address his hair […]