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  • Why is Melbourne Unique?

    Melbourne region is the most competitive landscape in the hair loss industry. We believe that this is due to the high degree of multiculturalism that has occurred over the last 50 years.

    As it is highly competitive, this has also led Melbourne to become the region with the largest amount of non-medical companies claiming to be able to do what Ashley and Martin can offer. Most of these companies are franchise models or start-up companies that close down as fast as they open.

    To ensure you are able to receive the services you pay for and can continue to obtain treatment into the future, make sure you deal with a medically based company that has been servicing Australians for over 50 years.

    Melbourne is a hot spot for non-surgical hair replacement in Australia. To ensure you get the most accurate advice on your options for hair loss treatment, you need to consider all possibilities. For advice on a hair system (wig/toupee)  please visit

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